Daihatsu Launches the Daihatsu Custom Car Website ~Proposing new ways of enjoying cars through customization~

Dec. 25, 2020
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Custom Car Website

Daihatsu Village Short Short Story

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) today launched the Daihatsu Custom Car Website (“Custom Car Website”), and will update its content in ongoing fashion. Coinciding with its exhibition of these cars at this year’s Virtual Auto Salon, which begins on January 15, 2021, Daihatsu will propose “new ways of enjoying cars” which customization provides.

The concept of the Custom Car Website is “Daihatsu Village Colorful Carnival: Discover New Ways of Enjoying Cars.” It uses a variety of content to introduce five customized cars that are based on the company’s compact cars. Videos and illustrations demonstrate various scenarios in which the customizations of these cars can be taken advantage, while YouTubers and Instagrammers have also been enlisted to cooperate. In this way, the website seeks to enable visitors to experience new ways of enjoying cars through their home computers and smartphones.

The range of content includes the following: “Daihatsu Village Short Short Story,” featuring illustrations and actual vehicles; “Customized Car Colorings,” created with the help of pupils at the Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen Nursery ; “Daihatsu Custom Car Museum,” showcasing previous examples of Daihatsu’s custom cars; “Hijet Jumbo Sporza Ver. Circuit Challenge,” which sees the participation of professional racing drivers; and “Custom Car Reviews,” carried out by popular YouTubers.

For the first time ever, Daihatsu Headquarters will also host the “YouTube LIVE Custom Car Introduction,” a live stream guest-starring popular celebrities, and featuring inside stories from the custom car developers; by broadcasting its multicolored custom cars online, the company will seek to promote greater awareness of the Daihatsu brand among wide-ranging customers.

Daihatsu Custom Car Website:

https://www.daihatsu.co.jp/learning/event/tokyo_as2021/ (Japanese only)
*Content is scheduled to be continually updated

Custom Car Line-up

  • Based on the Hijet mini commercial vehicle, which this year marks the 60th anniversary of its launch, the Hijet Jumbo Camper Ver. is a homage to the second-generation Hijet Cab.
  • The race-specification Hijet Jumbo Sporza Ver. is also based on the Hijet mini commercial vehicle; it was inspired by actual mini trucks that have been modified to have their roofs removed for use in orchards.
  • Based on the Copen mini convertible sports vehicle, the Copen Spider Ver. has been reshaped to enable drivers to better experience the joy of driving.
  • The TAFT Crossfield Ver. is based on the TAFT mini crossover, and features greater off-road capabilities.
  • Based on the Thor compact passenger car, the Thor Premium Ver. with D-sport accentuates the model’s unique feature set.

Hijet Jumbo Camper Ver.

Hijet Jumbo Sporza Ver.

Copen Spider Ver.

Thor Premium Ver.with D-sport

Thor Premium Ver.with D-sport