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Daihatsu Unveils New Mini Passenger Car Tanto Exe

Dec. 24, 2009

Tanto Exe Tanto Exe

Tanto Exe CUSTOM Tanto Exe CUSTOM

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announced on December 24 the launch in Japan of a new mini passenger car, the Tanto Exe1.
In contrast to the Tanto, intended for families with young children, the Tanto Exe is designed for adults, particularly men and women who value communication with each other and individuality. The Tanto Exe aims to combine upscale quality and comfort by retaining the acclaimed roomy interior of the Tanto, while introducing the added features of reduced weight, higher fuel efficiency, and advanced styling.
The Tanto Exe CUSTOM, with more refined styling, is also available.

New Tanto Exe offers the following features:

(1)Emotional x Elegant design: Creates refined styling particularly suited to adults

  • Dynamic and stylish exterior surrounds the roomy interior cabin.
  • Refined, upscale interior satisfies adult sensibilities.

(2)Executive space: Upscale interior where adults can relax

  • Spacious interior of the original Tanto has been further refined for a comfortable space where adults can feel completely at ease.
  • Four ultra-comfortable seats offer a sofa-like experience.
  • Equipped with stylish and functional storage areas (including illuminated twin consoles2).

(3)Exceed x Excellent ecology: Fuel efficiency at the highest level of its class3 (21.5 km/L4)

  • The new Tanto Exe is about 60 kg lighter5 than the original Tanto. Its engine and transmission have also been optimized to achieve fuel efficiency at the highest level of its class (21.5 km/L), making the new vehicle eligible for both the tax break in Japan to promote environmentally-considerate vehicles and the subsidy to promote environmentally-considerate vehicles.
  • The lighter weight and new power train provide exceptional cruising performance.
  • A balance is achieved between the lighter weight and outstanding safety performance.
  1. Exe standards for : Exceed x Excellent ecology, Emotional x Elegant design and Executive space; the name expresses the outstanding environmental performance and styling, sense of quality, and comfort that satisfy adult sensibilities.
  2. Standard equipment on the S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS.
  3. For the class of mini vehicles with a height of 1,700 mm or more (as of December 2009; according to Daihatsu's research).
  4. Fuel efficiency under the 10-15 Japanese test cycle of the X "Special", X, G, CUSTOM X, and CUSTOM G.
  5. Compared to the original Tanto (according to Daihatsu's research).

Monthly sales target for Japan is 4,000 units. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax) ranges from 1.076 million yen to 1.268 million yen for Tanto Exe and from 1.286 million yen to 1.610 million yen for Tanto Exe CUSTOM.

Vehicle Outline

1)Emotional x Elegant design

Refined styling particularly suited to adults

Dynamic and stylish exterior surrounds the roomy interior cabin

Tanto Exe

  • Design concept is "stylish and spacious." The roomy interior can comfortably accommodate four adults, while offering a dynamic and stylish design.
  • Tilted front pillar creates a refined side silhouette, and window graphics flowing towards the back combine with the "kicked up" side accent lines to evoke a sense of motion.
  • Gently sloping lines of the vehicle convey a refined sense of quality.
  • Available in eight different color variations6 including the new color silky gold crystal mica metallic that subtly expresses an adult sensibility.

6. Includes four colors that are available as a manufacturer's option.

Tanto Exe CUSTOM

  • Design concept is "cool and premium." The large front bumper, side stone guard, and plated front grill with a low center of gravity express a sense of presence and emphasize the dynamism of the Tanto Exe.
  • The front of the vehicle features robust headlights that flow into a plated garnish. The rear features sharp clear crystal rear combination taillights and a backdoor garnish with a motif adapted to the front to convey a cool and premium impression.
  • Available in a total of eight color variations,7 including one new color (Crimson black crystal mica) that expresses a refined sophistication.
7. Includes four colors that are available as a manufacturer's option.

High-quality and refined interior satisfies an adult sensibility

Tanto Exe

  • Extremely roomy cabin offers a comfortably upscale and stylish interior in which adults can feel completely at ease.
  • The smooth surface of the instrument panel, and its accent lines that extend fully from left to right, convey a sense of breadth and a refined impression.
  • The four ultra-comfortable seats offer a sofa-like feel, while the shiny (beige) seat fabric is matched with a high-contrast, beige-and-black interior to create a refined, stylish interior.

Tanto Exe CUSTOM

  • Unlike the high-contrast interior of the Tanto Exe, the Tanto Exe CUSTOM has a cool and calming black-toned interior.
  • The plated components of the stylish, illuminated twin consoles located in the overhead areas and center floor (standard on the Tanto Exe S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS) and the self-illuminated meters (standard on all CUSTOM models), combine to clearly express the refined interior of the Tanto Exe CUSTOM and underscore an upscale feel.
  • The four ultra-comfortable seats feature high-quality, lustrous fabric seat coverings with a modern geometrical pattern to convey an urban image. The CUSTOM RS is accented by high-quality velour seat covers are accented with synthetic leather to evoke a refined, adult sensibility.

2)Executive space

Refined interior in which adults can feel completely at ease

Spacious interior of the Tanto is further refined to create a relaxing space in which adults can feel completely at ease

  • A more compact engine compartment and the placement of the four wheels at the corners of the vehicle create an ultra-long wheel base (2,490 mm). The optimal placement of the front and rear seats allows the full length of the interior (2,070mm8) to be used, providing 1,065 mm of space between the front and rear seats so that four adults can sit comfortably.
    8. 2,020 mm on 4WD models.
  • The low position of the floor creates a spacious interior that is 1,385 mm in height, creating plenty of room for passengers to comfortably stretch out their legs.
  • The four ultra-comfortable seats and illuminated twin consoles in the center floor and overhead areas (standard on the Tanto Exe S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS) create a spacious, refined and comfortable interior space suited to adults.
  • A cowl silencer has been added to absorb noise from the engine, while more sound-insulation material has been used, in optimal locations, to reduce the noise from the engine and road to secure a quiet and relaxing ride.

Ultra-comfortable seats provide a sofa-like feel

  • A snug, three-dimensional design is employed for the surface and backs of the seats, for a more comfortable fit, while the plush seat cushions ensure a comfortable ride.
  • The rear seats, contoured from the knees to the calves, feature a center armrest (standard on the Tanto Exe S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS) are able to slide 255 mm and independently recline, and can also be stored away - resulting in an interior that offers all-seat comfort.

Stylish and functional storage areas

  • Outstanding storage allows the roomy interior to be used effectively, while the modern design and LED illumination of the stylish illuminated twin consoles in the overhead areas and center floor (standard on the Tanto Exe S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS) evoke a sophisticated, upscale feeling.
  • Various highly functional storage spaces are located in the interior, including a large storage tray below the passenger seat (standard on all CUSTOM models) and a high-capacity glove compartment (equipped with a lamp on the G, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS).

Utility combined with responsive handling

  • The doors open approximately 90 degrees (with two-stage interim notches); and the wide rear doors, with a 710 mm high hip point, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle in a natural posture and easily place or remove a child seat or large cargo items.
  • The Adjustable Pack (driver seat lifter, tilt steering, and adjustable shoulder belt anchor) allows the driver to set the optimal position depending on physical size and posture (standard on the Tanto Exe S, G, CUSTOM S, CUSTOM G, and CUSTOM RS).
  • A "key free" electric keycard system with an immobilizer function allows the driver to easily lock and unlock the doors and to turn the engine on or off using the "engine switch knob," which has a "request switch" to open the driver seat, passenger seat, and backdoors as well as an engine switch knob to turn the engine on and off (standard on the Tanto Exe X, S, G, and all CUSTOM models).
  • A rear window wiper, standard on all models, operates when the vehicle is in reverse to help the driver back into a parking space in the rain.

3)Exceed x Excellent ecology

Approximately 60 kg Reduction in Weight Provides for Outstanding Environmental Performance

Top environmental performance in its class (eligible for eco-car tax incentives)

  • Vehicle weight was reduced by about 60 kg through use of simple swing-type door structures, redesigned seats structures, and an optimized body structure, resulting in resource savings, higher fuel efficiency, and enhanced cruising performance.
  • The Tanto Exe is equipped with a highly fuel-efficient KF-VE engine and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that offers very efficient drive force transmission. Optimized control combined with the fuel-saving benefits of lower weight allow the Tanto Exe X "Special", X, G, CUSTOM X, and CUSTOM G to achieve fuel efficiency at the highest level of their class (21.5 km/L).
  • The Tanto Exe X "Special", X, G, CUSTOM X, and CUSTOM G all achieve emissions levels that are 75% lower than the 2005 Exhaust Emissions Standards set by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and that are 20% lower than the Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards, which makes the vehicles eligible for a tax break under the taxation system to promote environmentally-considerate vehicles (50% tax reduction) and for a subsidy under the subsidy system to promote environmentally-considerate vehicles.
  Powertrain Engine/
test cycle
Japanese 2010 fuel efficiency standards 2005 exhaust emissions standards Tax
X "Special", X, G,
2WD KF-VE/CVT 21.5 Surpass the standards by 20% 75% lower than the standards 50%
L, S,
4WD KF-VE/4AT 18.2 Achieve the standards 50% lower than the standards -
CUSTOM RS 2WD KF-DET/CVT 19.0 Surpass the standards by 5% -
  • Daihatsu employed Eco-VAS (Eco-Vehicle Assessment System), a comprehensive approach to assessing environmental impact, to efficiently set targets and reduce overall environmental impact throughout the vehicle's lifecycle (from production and use to disposal), thereby improving overall environmental performance.
  • The total volume of CO2 and other air-polluting substances released throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle at all stages - from manufacture of raw materials to production, operation, disposal, and recycling - has been reduced using the results of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Lighter weight and advanced power train result in exceptional cruising performance

  • The Tanto Exe features two different engines from the Topaz Neo series: a light-weight KF-VE twin-cam Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) three-cylinder engine that provides ample torque at low and medium speeds; and a KF-DET twin-cam, three-cylinder turbo engine that offers smooth acceleration from startups to high speeds. Both engines come with the original Daihatsu CVT, for smooth acceleration, high overall height, and outstanding cruising performance, in addition to ensuring excellent maneuverability and a comfortable ride.

Tanto Exe combines lighter weight with outstanding safety performance

  • The TAF9 collision-safety body achieves a balance between outstanding collision impact absorbance and a rigid and lightweight cabin by employing front-side members with a high-efficiency impact-absorption structure, a collision impact distributing vehicle structure, and high-rigidity steel plates.
    9. TAF: Total Advanced Function refers to a vehicle body with advanced collision impact absorbing functions.
  • The vehicle has easily met collision safety standards for Japan as well as Europe. World-class safety levels have also been achieved for full head-on frontal and side collision tests at 55km/h, frontal offset collision tests at 64km/h, side-on collision tests at 55km/h, and rear-end collision tests at 55km/h. On top of this, considering the varied conditions under which accidents occur, it was demonstrated through vehicle-to-vehicle collision tests (50km/h frontal collision, 50km/h side-on collision) based on Daihatsu's own targets that the Tanto Exe secures an ample survival space for passengers and achieves superior occupant protection.
  • The interior is based on the concept of SOFI (Safety-Oriented Friendly Interior).
    • The driver's seat and the passenger seat are equipped with dual-stage SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags as a standard feature.
    • 3-point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts equipped with pretensioners and force limiters for the front seats, an impact-absorbing steering wheel that limits impact to the driver's head and body, and a structure that prevents rearward movement of the brake pedal to reduce impact to the driver's legs are also standard features.
  • The pedestrian injury-lessening body is designed to prevent injuries to the head, the most susceptible area, in the event of an accident with a pedestrian, including impact-reducing structures and force-absorbing spaces in the resin cowl, wiper pivots, and hood hinges.
  • ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and Brake Assist is a standard feature on all models (excluding the Tanto Exe L) and is available as a manufacturer's option on the L.