Main Events:From 2010~


2011 JUN Myvi undergoes full model change in Malaysia.
2011 NOV Xenia undergoes full model change in Indonesia.
2012 FEB Begins implementing proof driving test of commercial electric cars.

Establishes production company for automatic transmission cars in Malaysia.
2012 MAY AFT, Daihatsu's joint venture for resin parts production, establishes a factory.
2012 SEP Daihatsu Kyushu expands the production capacity of Kurume factories.

Announces OEM to Toyota, and new co-operations in Indonesia.
2012 DEC Expands the production system in Malaysia.

Establishes the base of R&D in Kyushu.
2013 APR Opening Ceremony of new Indonesia factory for manufacturing Ayla is held.
2013 AUG Expands engine production in Indonesia.
2013 SEP Introduces Ayla in Indonesia.
2013 NOV Holds groundbreaking ceremony for Kurume R&D Center.

Tanto/Tanto Custom wins 2013 Good Design Gold Award.
2013 DEC Introduces certification system of welfare vehicle shop, and improves the sales system.
2014 FEB Starts exporting Toyota Agya to Philippines.
2014 APR Daihatsu to strengthen Engine Manufacturing Capability in Malaysia.
2014 SEP Begins Sales of New National Car Axia in Malaysia.