Main Events:From 1975~


1975 APR Delivers 24 ten-passenger sightseeing cars to the Okinawa International Marine EXPO.
1976 DEC Knockdown plant is completed.
1978 JAN Charade receives the '77 Car of the Year Award.
1978 MAR Serves as a technical consultant on hybrid technology to GE (USA).
1979 FEB Starts trial operation of the "Daihatsu Pleat System" automatic EV rental operation management system.
1979 JUN Opens the Representative Office in Europe (Brussels, Belgium).
1979 OCT Overseas manufacturing plant (PT. Daihatsu Indonesia) begins operation.
1979 DEC Kobe Center export base starts operation.
1980 NOV Nishinomiya Parts Center begins operation.
1981 JUN Daihatsu Credit Co., Ltd. begins operation.
1981 JUL Merger of Daihatsu Motor and Daihatsu Motor Sales.

Signs a contract with Inocenti in Italy for the supply of 1000cc engines (CB) among other items.
1982 APR Charade wins the title of class champion in the 30th Safari Rally.
1983 SEP Head (Ikeda) Plant receives the PM (Product Maintenance) Excellent Operation Site Award.
1984 MAR Signs a license agreement for Hijet with Tianjin Automobile Industry Corporation.