Main Events:From 1995~


1995 APR Acquires an automobile manufacturing license in Vietnam.

Zebra one-box vehicle in Indonesia undergoes full model change.
1995 JUN Receives the Environmental Protection Merit Award from the Environment Agency.
1996 MAR Begins selling Rusa multi-purpose national car in Malaysia.
1996 MAY Begins manufacturing Hijet in Vietnam.
1996 JUL Begins manufacturing commercial vehicles in Liuzhou, China.
1996 SEP Establishes Daihatsu Technar Co., Ltd. for the development of technologies.
1997 MAY Daihatsu Welfare Pension Fund Hall is completed.
1997 JUN Receives the Environmental Protection Merit Award from the Environment Agency again.
1997 OCT Daihatsu Technar's Head Office building is completed.
1997 DEC Establishes Daihatsu Car Net Co., Ltd. for the distribution of used cars.

Establishes Daihatsu PDI Service for PDI operations.
1998 FEB Concludes a technical assistance contract with National Cars in Taiwan for local production of automobiles.
1998 FEB Establishes a voluntary action plan for automobile recycling.
1998 AUG Begins selling Kembara four-wheel-drive national car in Malaysia.
1998 SEP Toyota becomes the parent company of Daihatsu by acquiring majority of Daihatsu stock through takeover bid.

Kyoto Plant obtains ISO 14001 certification.
1998 NOV Signs sales shop agreement and technical assistance contract with IMC in Pakistan.
1999 JAN Tada Plant obtains ISO 9001 certification.
1999 FEB Daihatsu Belgium N.V./S.A. is established.
1999 JUN Atrai and Hijet EV are used in joint tests conducted in Tama (Tokyo) and Osaka. (consigned project from NEDO)
1999 JUL Begins selling a new car, Taruna, in Indonesia.
1999 DEC Begins inline production of Move Sloper welfare vehicle.