Main Events:From 1907~


1907 MAR Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. is established for the manufacture and sales of internal combustion engines.
1939 MAY Ikeda Plant begins operation. (present Head (Ikeda) 1st district)
1951 DEC Changes the company name to Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
1961 JUN Ikeda 2nd Plant begins operation. (present Head (Ikeda) 2nd district)
1963 OCT Education Center is established. (present Sales Training Center)
1964 MAR Medical center is established.
1965 MAR Head Office building is completed in Ikeda city. (present main Head Office building)
1965 JUL Begins research and development of electric vehicles.
1966 MAY Establishes Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. by separating the production and sales functions for diesel engines.
1967 FEB Shiga Test Course is completed.
1967 NOV Forms business alliance with Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.

Develops a high-performance EV passenger car. (Maximum speed: 90 km/h, travel distance: 119 km)
1968 JUL Daihatsu Motor Sales Co., Ltd. begins operation.
1970 MAR Delivers 275 electric vehicles to the EXPO.
1970 NOV Merger with Asahi Industry Co., Ltd.
1971 APR Participates in "Light Vehicle EV," a large-scale EV research and development project initiated by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1972 MAR Tada Plant begins operation as a plant dedicated to industrial machinery.
1973 APR Kyoto Plant begins operation as a plant specializing in the production of mainstream passenger cars.
1973 MAY Receives new car type approval for Hijet Van EV (ES38V) from the Transport Ministry.
1974 FEB Develops EV Microbus (capacity: 15 persons) and delivers to the Osadano Industrial Park.
1974 APR Shiga (Ryuo) Plant No. 1 (present Shiga (Ryuo) Plant 1st District) begins operation.
1974 NOV Develops Hybrid Drive Small Truck EV and delivers to The Asahi Shimbun Company.