Main Events:From 2000~


2000 FEB Head (Ikeda) Plant obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2000 MAR Shiga (Ryuo) Plant obtains ISO 14001 certification.

Establishes an environmental action plan.

Begins manufacturing and selling Cuore in Pakistan.
2000 APR Publishes an environmental report for the first time.
2000 JUN Begins manufacturing and selling Kenari in Malaysia.
2000 SEP Design Center is established.
2000 NOV Tada Plant obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2001 MAR Opens the "Ikeda Daihatsu Head Office Eco Station" CNG stand.
2001 AUG Begins selling Kelisa 1000cc national car in Malaysia.
2001 SEP All domestic production plants achieve zero level direct landfill waste.

Develops TOPAZ high-performance catalyst.
2001 NOV Daihatsu-Toyota begins production of Terios national car in Venezuela.
2001 DEC Concludes a joint venture contract with Perodua Auto Corporation for the establishment of a new holding company in Malaysia.
2002 JUL Develops the world's first "Intelligent Catalyst."
2002 AUG Increases the investment in the joint venture company (PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor) in Indonesia, making it Daihatsu's subsidiary.
2002 SEP Commercializes the "Intelligent Catalyst."
2002 OCT Develops the world's first hybrid mini vehicle.
2003 JAN The first hybrid fuel-cell mini vehicle, Move FCV-K-2, receives approval from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Concludes a technical license contract with Huali (China) for the production of Terios.
2003 MAY Kagami Plant specializing in general-purpose engines begins operation.
2003 DEC Daihatsu-Toyota begin marketing jointly developed vehicle in Indonesia.
2004 JUL Commercializes the world's first "Catalyst Early Activation System."
2004 SEP Begins manufacturing Toyota Avanza in Malaysia.
2004 NOV Daihatsu-Toyota develops new water-based paint technology that reduces environmental impact substances jointly with Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Obtains approval for "Pedestrian Head Protection Standard" for the first time for mini vehicles.

Oita (Nakatsu) Plant of Daihatsu Shatai Co., Ltd. is completed and begins operation.