Main Events:From 2005~


2005 FEB Begins manufacturing Delta in Colombia.
2005 MAY Perodua begins selling Myvi national car.
2005 SEP Begins implementing the Daihatsu Cafe Project nationwide.
2005 OCT Develops "Super Intelligent Catalyst."

Concludes a technical license contract with China for small multi-purpose vehicle technology.
2005 NOV Increases the production capacity in Indonesia to 150,000 vehicles.

Develops a new engine for mini vehicles.
2005 DEC Expands the application of "Intelligent Catalyst" to the pharmaceutical product manufacturing field.
2006 FEB Obtains type approval for Hijet Cargo Hybrid mini hybrid commercial vehicle.
2006 APR Terios receives the Red Dot Design Award.
2006 MAY Opening ceremony of body component manufacturing company in China is held.
2006 JUN Develops a new CVT for mini vehicles.
2006 DEC Announces new Terios SUV in Indonesia.
2007 JAN Sonica receives the Director General Prize of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the 2006 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.
2007 MAR Establishes new Daihatsu Group philosophy on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.
2007 MAY Opens the "Humobility World" history museum.

Begins selling new Viva national car in Malaysia.
2007 JUN Begins selling new Xenia multi-purpose passenger car in China.
2007 SEP Develops fundamental technologies for Precious-Metal-free Liquid-feed Fuel Cells.
2007 NOV Begins marketing Gran Max small commercial vehicle in Indonesia.
2007 DEC Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Oita (Nakatsu) Plant No. 2 is completed.
2008 FEB Begins exporting completed vehicles from Indonesia to Japan.
2008 MAY Begins marketing new Nautica 4WD national SUV in Malaysia.
2008 AUG Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Kurume Plant is completed.
2008 SEP Wind tunnel test facility is completed at the Shiga Technical Center.
2009 FEB Announces Luxio small station wagon in Indonesia.
2009 NOV Begins selling new Alza national car in Malaysia.