Environmental Management: Environmental Education and Awareness

Daihatsu’s environmental education aims to nurture people with high environmental awareness, who deepen their knowledge and understanding of environmental conservation activities, and who act on their own initiative. This education is systematically carried out in line with the content of each individual employee’s work.
In the New Recruit Education and General Education programs—targeted at new recruits and general employees respectively—educators at Daihatsu’s business sites provide instruction on job and environmental responsibilities, and this instruction is put to good use in the employees’ everyday work.
Employees responsible for promoting the company’s environmental initiatives undergo specialized “Environmental Management Education” and “Legal Training”, using materials created in partnership with third-party training institutions.
Daihatsu also carries out activities to raise environmental awareness among all employees, via Environment Month events and a variety of other activities.

Environmental education at Daihatsu business sites

Environment Dojo at Shiga (Ryuo) Plant

Educators at all business sites carry out systematic and practice-based education activities, with the aims of ensuring legal compliance, reducing environmental load, and preventing accidents.
Shiga (Ryuo) Plant, Head (Ikeda) Plant, and Kyoto Plant (Ikeda region) have established Environment Dojos, which seek to deepen employees’ understanding of the environment using teaching materials that enable participants to experience the actual conditions.

Education activities at business sites in FY2019
Education completed for all employees

Specialized education and training

Environmental Management Education

Employees who belong to the Environmental Affairs Department or to the Environmental Conservation Secretariats of various business sites, or who carry out internal audits, attend third-party ISO 14001 Auditor Training Courses.
Managers working at ISO 14001-certified business sites undergo ISO 14001 Management Training courses developed independently by Daihatsu.

Legal Compliance Training

Employees in charge of environmental affairs undergo legal compliance training, which includes instruction from invited third-party lecturers.
By deepening these employees’ understanding of the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, Daihatsu ensures it complies with the relevant legislation.

Legal Compliance Training session Legal Compliance Training session

Environment Month events

The Daihatsu Group carries out Environment Month activities every June.
In his President’s Message for fiscal 2020, President Soichiro Okudaira declared his intention to ensure the environment played a key role in the company’s business foundations. Accordingly, the Daihatsu Group will work together to carry out initiatives to combat climate change, marine plastic, crisis to ecosystem, and other issues; in addition, Daihatsu employees will face up to energy-saving and afforestation activities, and other familiar themes.
For the Daihatsu Group, it is therefore critical that all employees recognize their responsibilities to the environment.

Daihatsu has also announced the “Seventh Daihatsu Environmental Action Plan”.
To encourage awareness of this plan, all employees have been tasked with creating an Environmental Declaration, in which they demonstrate the links between the Environmental Action Plan and their own work.
All employees write their Environmental Declarations in their Environmental Action Plan 2030 Pocket Cards, to ensure they recognize their responsibilities to the environment.