Environmental Management: Enrichment of environmental communications

Environmental-communications with local communities

In order to become a company that is trusted by all its stakeholders, Daihatsu discloses information regarding both its environmental initiatives and the impact its business activities have on the environment, and actively promotes communications.
As a corporate citizen, the company is also working to improve how it interacts with local residents and communities in the vicinity of its plants.

Community Briefings
Since it commenced operations in 1974, members of Shiga (Ryuo) Plant have carried out bimonthly environmental patrols, together with representatives from the local community and local government.

In addition to exchanging opinions in meeting rooms, members of these environmental patrols carry out first-hand checks of water-processing and other facilities. The patrols are an opportunity for local community and governmental representatives to learn more about Daihatsu’s activities, while Daihatsu itself receives a variety of feedback, which it can then incorporate into its activities.

Daihatsu’s Head (Ikeda) Plant hosts community briefings in the Ikeda region, while its Kyoto Plant hosts community briefings in the Oyamazaki region, with the goal of improving communications.

Community briefings are also carried out at production bases in Indonesia and Malaysia, with the goal of improving communications with local residents and communities.

Environmental Patrol, Shiga (Ryuo) Plant

Community Briefing, Kyoto Plant

Community Briefing, ADM

Inviting local communities to Daihatsu Plant’s event

All Daihatsu plants hold public events at a time when their greening and planting activities can be viewed to maximum effect.
Shiga (Ryuo) plant holds the Ryou Festival every year during the azaleas season, which is attracted by many people.

Ryuo Festival, Shiga (Ryuo) Plant

Ikeike Festa, Ikeda Plant

Tada Festival, Tada site

Kyoryo Festival, Kyoto Plant

Community Clean-up Activities

Daihatsu takes part in clean-up activities together with members of local communities. Employees at all Daihatsu worksites carry out clean-up activities once a month in the local vicinity, and also participate in local river cleaning activities.

As part of labor union-run social contribution activities, Daihatsu is also participating clean and maintain hiking courses on Satsukiyama in Ikeda City.

Daihatsu Group affiliate companies take part in both the clean-up activities and the hiking course maintenance activities, ensuring that contributions to local communities are made by Daihatsu Group.

Plant vicinity clean-up activities

Inagawa River clean-up activities

Satsukiyama hiking course clean-up and maintenance

Participating in environmental event : Biwako Environmental Business Exhibition

Daihatsu participates in the "Environmental Business Exhibition" held every year in Shiga Prefecture, which is an environmentally advanced prefecture, as a business office in the prefecture. We are introducing our environmental technology and environmental initiatives it carries out at its plant.

Actual e:S technologies on display

Information disclosure

Daihatsu discloses a variety of information through its catalogs and websites. This includes environmental information required both by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and the Law for the Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles, as well as information regarding the state of the company’s fuel efficiency technologies and environmental activities.

Since 2000, Daihatsu has also disclosed information regarding its environmental conservation activities via its Environmental Report.

Website visitors in need of data from previous years are asked to contact Daihatsu using information provided in the link below.

Daihatsu receives “Outstanding Performance Award at the Environmentally Friendly Human Resource Company Awards”

Daihatsu received the “Outstanding Performance Award at the 2019 Environmentally Friendly Human Resource Company Awards”, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development.

The awards recognize companies that develop and provide support for human resources capable of leading environmentally friendly corporate activities.

After Shiga (Ryuo) Plant received the Encouragement Award for three years in succession, its award-winning initiatives were expanded to the entire company.

Daihatsu received the Outstanding Performance Award in recognition of the educational, biodiversity, and environmental conservation activities it carried out at each of its business sites.

Daihatsu Receives the “Osaka Environment Award Grand Prix”

The "Osaka Environmental Award" was established in 1997 to recognize individuals, groups, or businesses who engage in and demonstrate remarkable success in activities aimed at creating abundant natural environments, and whose actions can serve as a model to others.

Daihatsu applied its and received the Grand Prix in FY2019