Daihatsu Group's Basic CSR Principles

Basic Approach
~Accepting and responding to stakeholder feedback, and earning trust and understanding~

In March 2007, Daihatsu detailed its long-term goals in the Daihatsu Group Philosophy.
In order to achieve its goals, it is vital the Group accepts and responds with sincerity to the opinions and requests of all its stakeholders, including its customers.
For this reason, the Daihatsu Group additionally formulated the Daihatsu Group Basic CSR Principles, which outlined its basic stance regarding the activities of its employees.
In March 2015, against a backdrop of environmental change both at home and abroad—such as a decreasing birthrate and aging population in Japan, increased awareness of workers’ rights in emerging nations, and a deterioration in environmental issues—the Daihatsu Group sought to further clarify its approach to CSR, and accordingly updated the Daihatsu Group’s Basic CSR Principles.

In March 2017, Daihatsu celebrated its 110th anniversary, and revised the Daihatsu Group Slogan to “Light you up.” At the same time, it amended some of the expressions used in the Daihatsu Group’s Basic CSR Principles.

Daihatsu believes that if each of its employees respect the Basic CSR Principles and engage in CSR via their work activities, then the company will earn the trust and understanding of all its stakeholders. This, in turn, will contribute to the sustainable growth not only of the Daihatsu Group, but of society as a whole.

Daihatsu Group Slogan and Philosophy

Daihatsu Group stakeholders

CSR promotion systems

The Daihatsu Group sets CSR goals through its environmental, safety, internal control, and other committees, and promotes CSR initiatives at all its functional departments.
In addition, in order to clarify and promote initiatives to combat potential future issues, each committee tracks and evaluates the state of progress of its CSR activities and, where necessary, submits reports to the Board of Directors.
Going forward, Daihatsu will expand the scope of its activities from Daihatsu itself to the Daihatsu Group as a whole, and seek to further strengthen its initiatives.