Supplier CSR Guidelines

Daihatsu adopted the Daihatsu Group Philosophy in March 2007 as a statement of the vision that the Daihatsu Group is seeking. To achieve this vision, it is necessary that we listen and respond sincerely to the opinions and requests of customers and other stakeholders.

To undertake these initiatives, we also established the Daihatsu Group Basic CSR Principles, as an expression of our fundamental stance on Daihatsu Group employee activities. In light of changes in the domestic and overseas environment including the low birth rate and aging population in Japan, rising awareness of the rights of workers in emerging countries, and increasingly severe environmental problems, we reviewed and revised the Daihatsu Group Basic CSR Principles in March 2015 to clarify the Group’s action stance.

In addition, we partially updated the expression of the Daihatsu Group Basic CSR Principles in March 2017 to align with the Daihatsu Group Slogan, “Light you up,” which was revised on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Daihatsu’s founding

In consideration of the above and based on an understanding that CSR initiatives are not something that can be undertaken by Daihatsu alone but must be conducted in collaboration with the many suppliers who support the automobile industry, we recently revised and issued these Daihatsu Supplier CSR Guidelines, which were firstly issued in 2010, to make more specific requests to suppliers.

We ask that suppliers comply with laws and the spirit of those laws and practice compliance internally in accordance with the intent of these guidelines and further that they implement these guidelines with regard to your suppliers as well.

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Supplier CSR Guidelines