Support for Child-Raising

Helping to Distribute and Raise Awareness of Traffic Safety Maternity Stickers

The non-profit Himawarinokai distributes Traffic Safety Maternity Stickers, which seek to secure the traffic safety of pregnant women and babies. The stickers are distributed to the families of approximately one million newborns every year, at local governments and health centers in all 47 prefectures nationwide.
Daihatsu helps to distribute and raise awareness of the Traffic Safety Maternity Stickers.

Traffic Safety Maternity Sticker Traffic Safety Maternity Sticker

Nursery for Daihatsu Group Employees

On January 21, 2018, Daihatsu opened the Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen nursery for Daihatsu Group employees.
For further information regarding the nursery, please visit the webpage below.
*The nursery is for children of Daihatsu Group employees only.