Corporate Governance

Daihatsu has established the Daihatsu Group Philosophy, the Daihatsu Group's Basic CSR Principles and the Daihatsu Group Action Guidelines.
Daihatsu continues to pursue our mission of "creating small cars that are loved by people around the world" and to achieve true globalization

Daihatsu endeavors to improve its corporate governance in order both to build strong relationships with and to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders, including its customers.

Internal control system

Daihatsu has established an internal control system based on its Basic Policy for the Development of Internal Controls its organization is shown below in the diagram entitled “Internal Control Organizational Chart.”

The Internal Control Committee works to improve corporate value, ensure the reliability of financial reports, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and improve the security of confidential information. The committee is chaired by a director appointed by the president, and its members consist of chief officers; together, they work to improve the internal control systems of the Daihatsu Group.

Internal Control Organizational Chart

Daihatsu Group Action Guidelines

Upon establishing the Daihatsu Group Philosophy in March 2007, Daihatsu also published the Daihatsu Group Action Guidelines to help guide the actions of Daihatsu and Daihatsu Group employees. This set of guidelines provides an overview of appropriate conduct as a corporation, as well as the basic attitude and employee conduct policies concerning relationships with society and suppliers. The Daihatsu Group Action Guidelines are available in two versions, one for officers and the other for employees, and provides action guidelines corresponding to their expected roles.

For ordinary employees

For officers