Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030

Based on our environmental management, the Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030 is composed of activities aiming for a low-carbon society, recycling society, and society in harmony with nature and creates a roadmap for each field. For the long-term, we are working toward achieving the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 while advancing activities unique to Daihatsu.

Action Plan for Each Field and Relevant SDG Targets

Low-carbon Society

Daihatsu will respect the targets of the Paris Agreement and take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In the product field, we will respond to the CO2 reduction targets of each country by introducing technology to improve fuel efficiency and electrification technology. To “provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all,” one of the SDG targets, we will provide mobility services unique to Daihatsu in the minimum units. In the production field, we will pursue energy saving production through comprehensive adoption based on SSC (simple, slim, and compact) technology. We will also introduce non-fossil fuel energy while working to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% in comparison with 2013 levels by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in production by 2035.

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Recycling Society

Daihatsu will conduct low-resource1 car creating while focusing on details even at the level of 1 mm, 1 g, 1 yen, and 1 second and continue and rapidly evolve our efforts to create designs that facilitate recycling in order to achieve car-to-car reuse and recycling2 by 2050. We also seek to create recycling schemes that can respond to vehicle advances such as electrification, and to build local schemes that can anticipate end-of-life vehicle recycling trends in countries where we conduct business. Meanwhile, we will address water, an important resource by assessing water risks in each region to minimize impact on the water environment.

1. Design and production committed to smallness, with minimal use of natural resources for net zero impact
2. Reuse and recycling of materials from end-of-life vehicles

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Society in Harmony with Nature

Working together with local communities, Daihatsu Group companies will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and take measures to leave a rich natural environment for the future with the aim of a net-zero environmental load from our business. Through these activities, we will instill the “Light you up” mindset in Daihatsu Group employees and local residents and foster social contribution by developing core human resources.

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Environmental Management

The foundations of the Daihatsu Group’s environmental initiatives are achieving zero environmental accidents and complaints and strict compliance. To this end, we are establishing action frameworks based on the ISO 14001 standards and taking action while engaging with Group companies. We also request the cooperation of business partners in Japan and overseas through the green purchasing guidelines issued by overseas business sites and work to enhance initiatives throughout the supply chain.

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