Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030

Message from the President

Daihatsu will offer a lightness of feeling through provision of small cars that place minimum load on their lifestyles and on the environment. We want to fulfill our corporate responsibility to protect the global environment for the next generation.

Daihatsu Group’s slogan is “Light you up”. We continue to provide life's mobility to support various lifestyles around the world in freely enjoying brilliant individual lives.

As part of our Group philosophy, Daihatsu declares "Our responsibility is harmonious coexistence with the earth and society". To realize this, we formulated "The Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030".

In line with this plan, we will challenge activity aiming at realizing society focused on low carbon, recycling and harmonized with nature.

Each one of our staff in Daihatsu Group will maintain a high awareness of environmental conservation as they carry out this Action Plan.


"Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030" is composed of activities aiming for low carbon society, recycling society and harmonized with nature society, which formulate a roadmap for each field.
For the long-term, we share Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 while this will be accomplished by advancing Daihatsu unique activities.

Action Plan for each field and relevant SDGs target

Low carbon society

We promote to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a variety of fields such as product, production and logistics to meet the Paris Agreement of "limiting the rise in global temperature to below 2℃".

For product, CO2 reduction target for each country is equals with fuel consumption regulation in which respond with the progress of e:S technology and electrification technology, and all of these will maintain high quality and affordable prices. For "safe and affordable transport system available to all people", we are determined to propose and provide mobility services in a minimum units as a uniqueness of Daihatsu.

In production field, we seek to maximize energy efficiency and less energy production (*2) by advancing further our concept of SSC (simple, slim and compact) and expanding it to all our plants. We strive to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% (*3) by 2030 in comparison with 2013 levels by reducing the use of fossil fuels.
For greenize energy, we select suitable renewable energy for energy use, while simultaneously contributing to communities, through local production and local consumption.

*1 Daihatsu energy saving technology : a high fuel efficiency technology developed from maximizing K-Car technology

*2 production where net energy use is minimized for pursuing smallness

*3 Japan: based on total emissions, Overseas: based on BAU

Recycling society

Promoting car manufacturing with less consumption (*4) by counting every 1mm and 1g, we continue to quickly advance our recycling design to establish reuse and recycle system for Car-to-Car recycling (*5) by 2050.
We are active in creating a recycling scheme to respond to vehicle advance such as electric-motorization. We also build local schemes suitable for each country's business operation, with which we can be ahead of the current end-of-life vehicle.
Meanwhile, for water resources, we carry out water risk assessment separately in each region where our business is deployed to minimize the water environment impact.

*4 Committed to smallness, design and production with minimal use of natural resources for net zero impact

*5 reuse and recycle of materials from end-of-life vehicles

Harmonized with nature society

Working together with local communities, Japan and overseas, we contribute to conserve biodiversity and strive to achieve the environment load through activities to leave a rich natural communities for the future.
We will establish know-how by continuing a survey and protection activities in our sites, and contributes to restore local ecosystem to their original condition.

Through these collaboration activities of harmonized with nature, we will advance social contribution by training core human resources who fostered "Light you up" mind.

Environmental management

To implement and advance environmental actions, Daihatsu Group continues and promotes activities to maintain zero environmental accidents and complaints as well as compliance obligations in all our business fields and regions.
For that, we, with ISO standards, establish framework of activities and communication systems amongst group companies, and we work in all group companies in Japan and overseas.

We also ask suppliers in Japan and overseas, which are important partners, to cooperate through Green Purchasing Guidelines issued by each company and aim to enhance environmental efforts with whole supply chains.

For 2050

We share Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 as a member of Toyota Group. "The Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030" is the mid-term initiative that is unique to Daihatsu targeted for 2030.

 How old are your family going to be in 2030 and 2050?