Main Products:From 1975~


1975 NOV Begins manufacturing and selling Hello BC electric three-wheel motorbike.
1976 MAY Begins marketing Fellow Max 550 mini vehicle.
1976 OCT Begins marketing Delta Wide small vehicle.
1976 DEC Begins manufacturing and selling 4-passenger and 6-passenger sightseeing cars.
1977 APR Begins marketing Hijet 55 Wide mini vehicle.
1977 JUL Begins marketing Max Cuore mini vehicle.
1977 NOV Begins marketing Charade small passenger car.
1978 SEP Begins marketing Taft Diesel small four-wheel-drive vehicle.
1980 JUN Begins marketing Mira mini vehicle.
1981 MAR Begins marketing vehicles (9 types, 21 models) for the physically challenged.
1981 APR Begins marketing Hijet Atrai mini vehicle.
1981 JUL Begins marketing pickup cars for the physically challenged.
1981 OCT Begins marketing New Charmant 1300/1500 small passenger car.
1982 MAY Begins marketing New Cuore and New Mira mini vehicles.
1982 NOV Delta Wide small car undergoes full model change.
1983 JAN Charade small passenger car undergoes full model change.
1983 JUN Begins marketing Hijet Jumbo mini vehicle.
1983 OCT Begins marketing New Hijet and Atrai mini commercial vehicles.
1984 JAN Begins marketing Charade De Tomaso Turbo small passenger car.
1984 MAY Begins marketing Rugger small four-wheel-drive vehicle.

※1985 DEC • Cumulative production of automobiles reaches 10 million vehicles.
※1987 FEB • Cumulative sales of Mira in Japan reaches one million vehicles.