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11/05/2015 Exhibit its Welfare Vehicles at Welfare 2015
28/04/2015 Daihatsu COPEN Mini Convertible Sports Vehicle Camouflaged "3rd Model" On display at a special event in Tokyo
27/04/2015 Daihatsu partially upgrades Friendship Series mini welfare vehicles Equips mini welfare vehicles with Smart Assist II crash-avoidance assistance system
27/04/2015 Daihatsu partially upgrades Move and Tanto mini passenger vehicles Enhances easiness and safety performance with new functions Adopts Smart Assist II crash-avoidance assistance system - Tanto becomes even more user friendly and attractive -
23/04/2015 Daihatsu Production, Sales and Export Results for March 2015
08/04/2015 Daihatsu Mira e:S, Mira Cocoa, and Move Conte mini passenger vehicles Launch of special models with partial upgrades and more attractive interior and exterior designs
06/04/2015 Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. to Exhibit Its Mini Welfare Vehicles at "BARRIER FREE 2015"
03/04/2015 Daihatsu Hijet Cargo mini commercial and Atrai Wagon mini passenger vehicles Even better fuel efficiency with partial upgrades ~ A deck van model has been added to the Limited Series of the Hijet Cargo special models ~
31/03/2015 Daihatsu COPEN mini convertible sports vehicle Campaign for pre-sale reservations for the "third model" to be launched
31/03/2015 Personal Transfer
25/03/2015 Daihatsu Production, Sales and Export Results for February 2015
17/03/2015 Daihatsu Announces Organizational Changes
26/02/2015 Daihatsu Production, Sales and Export Results for January 2015
29/01/2015 FINANCIAL SUMMARY Third Quarter of FY2015
28/01/2015 Daihatsu Production, Sales and Export Results for December 2014
19/01/2015 Daihatsu Announces Renewed Opening of Museum Exhibiting Historical Materials
13/01/2015 Orders Ramping Up for New Daihatsu Move Mini Passenger Car- Orders total approx. 24,000 units, twice the amount of the monthly sales target -
08/01/2015 Daihatsu Tanto Becomes Best Selling Mini Passenger Car in Terms of Units among New Vehicles Sold in 2014
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