Gaikind Indonesia International Auto Show 2017

"Gaikind Indonesia International Auto Show 2017 (GIIAS 2017)" was held in Jakarta from 10 to 20 August.

Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter “ADM”) exhibited a total of 15 vehicles at GIIAS2017, including DN MULITSIX and DN F-SEDAN compact concept cars for the first time—as well as special edition Indonesian production vehicles to commemorate Daihatsu’s 110th anniversary.

ADM promoted the development of products that meet the needs of Indonesian customers as well as the company’s initiatives for further localization.

Concept cars

DN MULTISIX: World Premiere

An FF MPV model that takes advantage of Daihatsu’s compact car technologies and establishes both a spacious interior that passengers can walk through and a stylish exterior

DN F-SEDAN: World Premiere

A Compact sedan that realizes the sporty and stylish taste favored by Asian markets, with the intention to create the potential for new markets

Exhibited at the 35th Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

Move Canbus Sporza

Thor Grand Custom

Commercially Available Vehicles

Special edition 110th anniversary model






Special edition 110th anniversary model emblem





Press briefing

Performance with appreciation of the 110th anniversary of Daihatsu
(The theme of the ADM exhibition booth is Daihatsu FestiveFun)

Speech of President Okudaira

Last but not least, over 110-year history, we have been always staying close to our customers and continuously engaged in vehicle development and manufacturing, in order to light up each of our customers and to provide a better life experience.
This is the same thinking that is in the tagline “DAIHATSU Sahabatku”, and this spirit will continue to serve.

Moving forward, in Indonesia, we are developing a whole new vehicle platform with collaboration from Japan.
It is our commitment that the development of this platform will significantly improve future Indonesian models.

Not only that, we are also collaborating with Astra International in sales and service operation, in our effort to become a brand that is further cherished by all our Indonesian customers.

Talking about another activity other than making vehicles, in May this year, we have made the decision to support badminton activities, a national sport of Indonesia.
As you know Astra Daihatsu Motor has already started the sponsorship of Daihatsu Astec Open, a competition in which promising young domestic players take part since last year.

We aim to further improve Indonesia’s mobility life and contribute to the country.
Please expect this, there is more to come from Daihatsu in the future.