Daihatsu Develops e:S Technology for 30 km/l in JC08 Mode

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announces its development of a high fuel efficiency technology that will be at the heart of production of future motor vehicles with high fuel efficiency, low prices, and resource-saving features. The technology is branded "e:S Technology," which stands for Energy Saving Technology.
In the process of this development, Daihatsu carried out exhaustive overhauls of existing technologies, including all aspects of the engine, the transmission, and the body structure, to maximize energy efficiency and achieve almost a 40% increase in fuel efficiency.*1
This technology will be introduced to a new fuel-efficient vehicle model due to be released in September this year. It is anticipated that it will be the only gasoline powered vehicle*2 with a fuel mileage of 30 kilometers per liter in JC08 mode. This new mini vehicle will be marketed as the third environmentally friendly car that is accessible to everyone, featuring high fuel economy, energy conservation and an entry price of less than 800,000 yen.

Main Features of e:S Technology

1. Power Train Evolution

A new engine with maximized combustion efficiency and minimized energy loss
Continuously variable transmission (CVT) with higher power transmission efficiency

2. Vehicle Evolution

Shell body streamlined to achieve a weight reduction of around 60 kg*3
Air resistance, rolling resistance and other running resistance lowered
Thermal management in the engine room

3. Energy Management

A new Eco-Idle system with pre-stop idle reduction functions
Eco power generation control (with regenerative braking functions)

*1: Source: Daihatsu; Comparison with the Mira 2WD/CVT without idle reduction functions

*2: Source: Daihatsu; As of July 2011, excluding hybrid-powered vehicles

*3: Source: Daihatsu; Comparison with the Mira 2WD/CVT with idle reduction functions

Technical Overview

1. Power Train Evolution

2. Vehicle Evolution

3. Energy Management