A.Corporate Information

B.Financial Information

C.Stock Information

A-Q1:When was DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD established?
A-A1:DAIHATSU was established as Hatsudoki Seizo Co.,Ltd on March 1, 1907.
A-Q2:Where can I find a general outline of the company?
A-A2:For information concerning company outline, please refer to About DAIHATSU
A-Q3:Where can I get information about DAIHATSU Group affiliates?
A-A3:For information concerning the DAIHATSU Group affiliates, please refer to Rated Group Companies.
A-Q4:Where can I get information about Company activities?
A-A4:Please refer to the following pages.
Click here for About DAIHATSU.
A-Q5:Please teach the origin of the company name.
A-A5:DAIHATSU is an abbreviation of "Osaka(the city DAIHATSU founded)" and "Hatudoki(engine manufacture)".
A-Q6:Where can I find information on the vehicles sold by DAIHATSU in the world?
A-A6:For information concerning DAIHATSU vehicles, please refer to Product Lineup.
B-Q1:When is the end of DAIHATSU's fiscal year?
B-A1:The end of the fiscal year is March 31. DAIHATSU also announces financial results every quarter.
B-Q2:Where can I find information on the latest financial results?
B-A2:Please refer to the following page.
Click here for Statements of Accounts.
B-Q3:Where can I find Annual Reports?
B-A3:Please refer to the following page.
Click here for IR Library.
C-Q1:On which domestic and overseas stock exchanges is DAIHATSU listed?
C-A1:DAIHATSU's stock is currently listed on Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.(not at the moment outside Japan)
C-Q2:What is DAIHATSU's securities code in Japan?
C-A2:Our stock code is 7262.
C-Q3:What is the trading unit?
C-A3:100 shares.
C-Q4:When were DAIHATSU shares first listed on stock exchanges?
C-A4:DAIHATSU shares were first listed on the First Section of the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges in May 1949.
C-Q5:Is there any preferential treatment for shareholders program?
C-A5:Currently we do not provide any preferential treatment
C-Q6:What are the details regarding dividends?
C-A6:Please refer to the following page.
Click here for Stockholder Information.