Approach to SDGs

Top Message: SDGs

In March 2017, Daihatsu adopted a new corporate slogan: “Light you up.” It expressed the following concept: “Light is cast on each individual, they shine themselves, and together with their friends and colleagues they illuminate each other; this encourages consideration for others, which overflows to our customers.”
This desire conforms with the United Nations’ SDGs, which seek to ensure that no one is left behind; indeed, we believe that it links Daihatsu, which aims to enrich and play an intimate role in the lives of all people, with a world that seeks to realize SDGs.

Based on our “Light you up” slogan, at Daihatsu we contribute to SDGs through our Monodukuri and Kotodukuri.

  • For example, we believe that our fuel-efficient, high-quality, and affordable cars conforms to SDG No.13, “ Climate Action In addition, in order to clarify both the goals and the approach of the Daihatsu Group when it comes to environmental initiatives, we announced our mid-term plan "Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030", and are currently working to achieve the goals set out therein.
  • With regard to Kotodukuri, we provide RAKUPITA SOUGEI, a pick-up and delivery support system that uses mini vehicles to resolve issues faced by day care users and providers. Via one of our community-based projects, entitled “Health and Safety Driving Courses,” we provide support in regional societies for independent living in which mobility is possible at all ages, and we believe that this conforms to SDG No.3, ”Good Health and Well-Being”

Going forward, there continue to be concerns regarding viruses such as COVID-19 and the frequency of natural disasters, for which climate change is thought to be a major contributing factor. In order to help realize a sustainable society, at the Daihatsu Group each and every one of us will actively endeavor to achieve SDGs

Key SDGs Initiatives

SDGs Goals Initiatives
Good Health and Well-Being

3. Good Health and Well-Being

Community-based project: Health and Safety Driving Courses

Smart Assist Active Safety System

RAKUPITA SOGEI, a pick-up and delivery support system for day care providers

Promoting dietary education via certified “Light you up healthy-eating canteens”

Health management based on the president’s health declaration

Workplace measures to combat infectious diseases

Donating two Gran Max vehicles to West Java, Indonesia

Providing support for pediatric care institutions in Malaysia

Donating face shields to combat COVID-19 in Malaysia

Quality Education

4. Quality Education

Daihatsu Manufacturing Experience Classes

Initiatives for company safety and health education, and nurturing safety-awareness among employees

Gender Equality

5. Gender Equality

Ambitions plans to promote the participation and advancement of women in the workplace

Clean Water and Sanitation

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Environmental management:
Promoting environmental activities together with business partners around the globe
Water quality: purifying and effectively using waste water, as part of the Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030 (EAP2030)

Affordable and Clean Energy

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Building a Low-Carbon Society

Plant initiatives: developing and rolling out the Simple, Slim, and Compact (SSC) concept to all company bases, as part of EAP2030

Decent Work and Economic Growth

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Initiatives for foreign technical interns

・Accepting foreign service interns (basic education in automotive structures at Daihatsu sales companies)

Reduced Inequalities

10. Reduced Inequalities

Encouraging diversity via Daihatsu’s unique approach to universal design

Sustainable Cities and Communities

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Loaning vehicles to disaster areas free-of-charge

・Provision of “Angel Vehicle Offering System” and “Daihatsu Tatsunoko Family Cars”

Responsible Consumption and Production

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Building a Low-Carbon Society

Building a Low-Carbon Society: Development and design initiatives, as part of EAP2030

Building a Circular Economy: End-of-life vehicle initiatives, as part of EAP2030

Climate Action

13. Climate Action

Building a Low-Carbon Society

Building a Low-Carbon Society: Development and design initiatives, as part of EAP2030

Life on Land

15. Life on Land

A society in harmony with nature: initiatives to preserve biodiversity, and to leave an abundant natural environment to future generations, as part of EAP2030

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Initiatives to combat conflict minerals

・Open and fair procurement activities

Partnerships for the Goals

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Local community contribution activities at Daihatsu sales companies