Social Contribution

Social contribution activities

As an active corporate citizen, Daihatsu conducts various social contribution activities from the standpoint of society, with the aim of remaining as a company supported and trusted by society, communities and customers.

(1) Community activities

  • Opening of plants and Humobility World museum to the public <Photo①>
  • Daihatsu Ryuo Festival (Shiga (Ryuo) Plant)
  • Tada Festival (Die Engineering Center)
  • Co-sponsor for Ikeda City Citizen Carnival
  • Co-sponsor for Kawanishi City Genji Festival
Number of visitors to Daihatsu plant on open house days in FY2011

(2) Social welfare activities

  • Donation to "24-Hour Television" charity committee
  • Support and cooperation for Ikeda City Parents Holding Hands Association
  • Aid for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake (donations, provision of vehicles)

(3) Environmental conservation activities

  • Volunteer activities for cleaning the hiking trail on Mt. Satsukiyama <Photo②>
  • Clean-up activities around the plant and commuting paths (second Friday of every month)
  • Acquisition of ISO 14001 for all plants (Head (Ikeda) Plant, Kyoto Plant, Shiga (Ryuo) Plant)
  • Co-sponsor for Itami City Environment Greening Event

(4) Cultural and sports support activities

  • Co-sponsor for Sound Picnic in Inagawa
  • Co-sponsor for Mitsunaka Opera (Kawanishi Citizens' Opera)
  • Co-sponsor for Ikeda-Inagawa Marathon and participation by Daihatsu Athletic Club members

(5) Support for volunteer activities

  • Daihatsu Cultural Development System (EXASS: Expert for Art, Sport and Study)
    Daihatsu presents awards every year to the employees who have made achievements in the field of art, sport or education, whether on and off the company, and contributed to the enhancement of the image of revitalization of Daihatsu or community.

Daihatsu Athletic Club

As a part of Daihatsu 80th anniversary programs, Daihatsu Athletic Club was formed in 1988. The team participates in medium/long-distance competitions such as long-distance relay races and marathons. The team members have achieved many outstanding records.
Ryoko Kizaki Winner in Yokohama Women's Marathon held in November 2011 Participates in the Olympic Games for the first time in 16 years.
Recent personal best records