Social Contribution

Basic Philosophy

Daihatsu's basic philosophy is "coexistence with society," and it is involved in contributing to society to earn "empathy" and "trust" from regional and international society. As a manufacturer of compact cars, Daihatsu contributes to society in many ways.

Contents of the Daihatsu Group's Basic CSR Principles

Contributing to Society in Japan

Inheriting Automotive Culture & "MONODUKURI(manufacturing)" Culture

Changing Ideas about Cars in Everyday Life – Humobility* World

*Made from combining the words “human” and “mobility”

A re-created example of 1950's life with a car on display

In order to share how useful cars are to people in everyday life, in May 2007 Daihatsu opened "Humobility World—The World of Human and Automotive Discovery." At this facility, visitors can see the history of Daihatsu cars, as well as learn about "MONODUKURI" and how Daihatsu is handling environmental problems and safety.

The facility underwent a renovation in January 2015, setting up numerous hands-on displays to help people understand how cars work and what "MONODUKURI" is, based on the concept of "thinking about cars in everyday life." The facility hopes to make people more interested in these fields.

Since the renovation, the facility is open to the public every week on Saturday.

The only automotive plant tour in the Kansai area

A view of the production line

Daihatsu’s Head (Ikeda) plant and Shiga (Ryuo) plant hold tours of the plants for elementary school students. The students are shown around the production lines of mini vehicles.

Promoting Sports

Daihatsu Athletics Team

Daihatsu athletics team members

The Daihatsu athletics team was started in 1988 with the purpose of promoting sports. Through athletics, Daihatsu hopes to impress and inspire people and contribute to the growth and promotion of sports.

In the "Nagoya Women's Marathon" in March 2015, Sairi Maeda came third, as the fastest Japanese runner with a time of 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 48 seconds. This was the eighth fastest time for a Japanese runner. As a result, she was chosen to represent Japan in the World Championships in Athletics held in August in Beijing, China.

Contributing to Society in Indonesia

Contributing to Posyandu (Regional Health Center)

A support event at a regional health center in West Sumatra

In cooperation with the Indonesian regional government (the Health Department), Daihatsu's Indonesian subsidiary, Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), has been supporting the construction of Posyandu (regional health centers) that provide medical examinations and vaccinations for children. ADM also supports the training of regional volunteers who promote health and improve sanitary conditions through their activities. These activities by the Indonesian regional government have been held in 105 regional health centers in 14 cities. ADM has been participating since fiscal 2012 to contribute to improving the services and the health of mothers and children.

Support for Protecting Sea Turtles

Releasing baby sea turtles

ADM participates in conservation activities to protect sea turtles. Local residents in Indonesia began these activities with the purpose of preventing the poaching of sea turtle eggs. They take place in three regions in Bali, two regions in Western Java, as well as Eastern Borneo, Eastern Java, and Lampung province in Sumatra, and in 2014, these activities protected around 120,000 eggs. Daihatsu plans to continue participating in such activities.

Contributing to Society in Malaysia

Assistance after the Malaysian Floods

In cooperation with the National Security Council and the Welfare Department, in December 2014 and January 2015 Perodua*1 provided foodstuffs, beverages, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. to people in flood-affected areas in Eastern Malaysia (Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang). In addition, in states such as Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang, Perodua has provided at 280,000 Malaysian Ringgits (9,500,000 Japanese Yen)*2 worth of economic support to regional governments.

In addition, the 312 people registered in the Perodua volunteer activities program have been participating in cleanup activities in affected areas and supporting resettlement of affected people since January 2015.

*1 The generic name for the manufacturing and retailing companies in Malaysia financed by Daihatsu
*2 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 34 Japanese Yen (in January 2015)

Support for the Economically Challenged

In April 2015, Perodua and their suppliers donated 110,000 Malaysian Ringgits (3,600,000 Japanese Yen)*3 to the Bumiputera (Tabung Pendidikan 1 Billion) fund for underprivileged students established by Universiti Teknologi Mara.

*3 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 33 Japanese Yen (in April 2015)

Perodua Youth Training Program (PYTP)

Graduation ceremony of the afterservice training program

Perodua has been providing an after service training program for students thinking of working in the automotive industry since 1999. The one year of basic training includes government accredited service subjects. (Approximately 20 participants from July 2015 to June 2016)

By providing graduates with employment opportunities at their service centers, Perodua is contributing to the creation of jobs for the young.