Environmental Management: Environmental Action Plan

Environmental Action Plan

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Daihatsu Environmental Action Plan, is which in environmental activity in consideration of long-term, summarizes every five years in environmental activity and specifies detail activity and goal. We summarize and evaluate every five years to review the activities. Environmental Action Plan is comprised of four items: “construction of low-carbon society,” “construction of recycling society,” “establishment of environmental protection and society in harmony with nature” and “environmental management.”

Basic philosophy

Aiming to make sustainable society, we in Daihatsu Group, strive positively to reduce environmental load and to improve environmental subject at all stage of vehicle manufacturing business from planning to disposal. In addition, we share the details of our activity with our global stakeholders and work cooperatively on social contribution.

* This action is taken as to share and promote “Toyota Earth Charter” as a member of Toyota Group.

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  • I .Basic Policy
  • 1. Contribution toward a prosperous 21st century society
  • Contribute toward a prosperous 21st century society. Aim for growth that is in harmony with the environment and set as a challenge the achievement of zero emissions throughout all areas of business activities.
  • 2. Pursuit of environmental technologies
  • Pursue all possible environmental technologies, developing and establishing new technologies to enable the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously.
  • 3. Voluntary actions
  • Develop a voluntary improvement plan, based on thorough preventive measures and compliance with laws, which addresses environmental issues on the global, national and regional scales and promotes continuous implementation.
  • 4. Working in cooperation with society
  • Build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation, including governments, local municipalities, related companies and industries.

The 6th DAIHATSU Environmental Action Plan for fiscal 2016 to 2020

Daihatsu established “the 6th DAIHATSU Environmental Action Plan,” which clarifies the actions to be taken in fiscal 2016 to 2020. In the 6th Environmental Action Plan, we specified the direction of our environmental activities and clarified the specific actions to be taken until fiscal 2020. In addition to the environmental action we have taken in the past, we will further our contribution to the society and cooperation with the society through promotion on preservation of biodiversity, recycling of forest resources and so on.


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(The 6th) Daihatsu Environmental Action Plan Fiscal Year 2016-2020