Corporate Organization

Corporate Organization

Daihatsu Environmental Conference Under “Daihatsu Environmental Conference” comprising of the director in charge of the environment as the chairperson and the chief officers of groups as members, we work on the solution of environmental issues for the whole group companies in all the fields from product, planning and development to production, sales and services.

Environmental conservation activities based on ISO14001 In fiscal 1998, Daihatsu started construction and management of Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO14001 as well as acquisition of external certification with Kyoto Plant as the first location. Daihatsu all plants acquired certification in fiscal 2000, and certification in these plants was unified in August 2015 by the system that Environmental Affairs Department integrated. In addition, Daihatsu have specified our new common Environmental Policy for the whole company, and is currently preparing to expand the scope of EMS to all division of the company including the head office, technical engineering division, and so on.

■ Environmental Policy of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

<<environmental principle>>
Harmony with the earth and society is our responsibility.

<<environmental policy>>
1. Make an effort to affluent environmental conservation through examination of the effects of all the processes from development, production, sales to disposal of automobiles and units.
2. Set up the environmental targets and goals, and aim the prevention of environmental pollution, the recycling society, low-carbon society and society in harmony with nature.
3. Comply the laws and regulations concerning the environment, as well as the company environmental management rules.
4. Nurture human resources through environmental education and work on continual improvements in Environmental Management System.
5. In order to become a company most familiar to our customers, we will value conversation with the people of the local communities and concerned parties in Japan and overseas and work on environmental conservation as a member of the society with common sense.

This environmental policy is notified to all persons concerned and as well as discloseit to the public.

■ Scope of Environmental Management System

The workers at the following offices and departments are subjected:
・Head Office/Technical Engineering Division (application in preparation)
・Ikeda/Kyoto Plant
・Shiga (Ryuo) Plant

(Refer to the attachment)

PDCA cycles of EMS will be implemented at certified offices and plants to work on prevention of environmental accidents and complaints and comply the applicable laws and regulations in our daily management.

Daihatsu had no environmental accidents, complaints or violation of laws or regulations in fiscal 2017. In addition, our Environmental Management System is audited in “internal environmental audits” implemented by the staff from the each plant and Environmental Affairs Department, besides the surveillance and renewal audit conducted by authorized body. In “internal environment audit,” employees who have qualification as chief environmental auditors, auditors or assistant auditors by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry conduct an audit even stricter than authorized body.

■ Legal compliance for environment(FY2017)

・Accident 0
・Complaints 0
・Violation to laws 0

Daihatsu Environmental Group Conservation Activities

Environmental conservation activities in Daihatsu Group companies.

The environmental loads generated in our activities include those from the subsidiary companies and suppliers, and environmental conservation activities must be implemented by the whole group. Daihatsu has grouped related companies based on capital and business, and promote environmental management for the whole Daihatsu Group.

■ Daihatsu Group Environmental Management

Support for construction of Environmental Management System.
Not to speak of environmental consolidation manufacturing companies, Daihatsu recommeds to introduce the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) to investment and priority manufacturing companies, and supports their activities to acquire the certification if requested. As of fiscal 2017, all domestic environmental consolidation manufacturing companies have acquired certification and continue to renewal and maintain the certification.
All our production subsidiaries have updated their environmental management systems to ISO14001 2015 version, which reinforces leadership responsibility of the Top Management.
Daihatsu also provide support to introduce ISO 14001 to our overseas manufacturing subsidiaries.