Environmental Activities by Domestic Sales Companies

Step for Environmental Activities in Domestic Sales Companies

Daihatsu start to act establishing Daihatsu own sales companies environmental management system from 2001 in order to deliver "low environmental load vehicle" produced in clean factories from clean sales companies.
In addition, Daihatsu introduce "Dealer Environmental Cortication" system to enhance and promote environmental activity for sales companies in 2005.
Daihatsu also start Daihatsu clean management dealer certification system (environmental certification system for Daihatsu sales companies) in 2006.
To improve the level of environmental activities applied to sales companies, we revise the requirement items step by step annually.

"Daihatsu Clean Manegement Dealer" Certification System.

This system is judgment of establishing environmental management system and implementing conservation for sales companies by Daihatsu auditors. The judgment is performed based on application from dealers to meet certificate standard by their Dealer environmental certification "self-judgment".
If the dealer meets the standard, Daihatsu certificate the dealer as "Daihatsu clean management dealer". The certification is effective for 3 years. Sales companies improve environmental activities in their PDCA cycle based on their self-check once a year until next update judgment.