Medium- and Long-Term Management Scenario D-Challenge 2025

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (“Daihatsu”) announced today that it has developed a medium- and long-term management scenario for the period from 2017 to 2025, called D-Challenge 2025.
Marking its 110th anniversary, Daihatsu will be endeavoring to establish the Daihatsu brand and to solidify its business foundations while operating its business with a focus on MONODUKURI (a concept for auto manufacturing embodying Daihatsu’s unique value.) and KOTODUKURI (increasing points of contact with customers and local communities in a way that is unique to Daihatsu.) in accordance with a new group slogan of Light you up, which was launched March 1 with a view to ensure that Daihatsu would continue to exhibit its presence and achieve continued growth and development.

<Schematic Diagram of Daihatsu’s Future Direction>

Main Points of D-Challenge 2025


▼ Establish the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA)

  • - Provide a full lineup encompassing mini vehicles, A segment models and B segment models for emerging countries.
  • - Apply the DNGA to vehicle models planned by the Emerging-market Compact Car Company.
  • - Build closer ties with Toyota Motor Corporation to acquire and incorporate advanced technologies, such as the electrification of power trains, automated driving and connected technologies, while taking steps to handle those advanced technologies within Daihatsu’s independent system.
  • - Define mini vehicles as the first segment to which the DNGA will be introduced. After that, expand its application speedily to the A segment and then to the B segment for emerging countries.

▼ Strategy for emerging countries

  • - Place the top priority on the ASEAN region, including Indonesia and Malaysia where Daihatsu has long cultivated the market, in carrying out its efforts.


▼ Increase points of contact with customers and local communities.

  • - Continue grass-roots activities that sales companies and manufacturers have been undertaking independently.
  • - As a new initiative, strengthen ties with society on a group-wide basis on a subject on which Daihatsu will capitalize on its strengths to contribute to society. Embark on an activity for creating a society that enables the elderly, women, people in rural areas and all others associated with Daihatsu to lead a lively mobility life.