Continue to Stay Close to Customers Based on the Spirit of “Light you up” and Aim to Realize a Society Ensuring that No One Is Left Behind

In 2017, Daihatsu formulated its medium and long-term business scenario, entitled D-Challenge 2025. Under our Group slogan “Light you up,” we will provide products and services that are useful to our customers’ daily lives using two key axes: MONODUKURI*1 and KOTODUKURI*2, so that we will be able to stay close to our customers and enrich their lives. Since 2019, we have also started introducing new vehicle models based on DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture), which is a new concept for Daihatsu’s car manufacturing. We have developed new products not only in Japan but also Indonesia and Malaysia. Going forward, we will continue to make high-quality cars that can be used with safety and security at affordable prices.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations, are based on the approach of realizing a society ensuring that no one is left behind. This is fundamentally the same desire as our approach of “Light you up”—which seeks to illuminate each and every one of our customers—and we will actively strives to achieve the SDGs. In particular, the realization of a carbon-neutral society is a major issue as a vehicle manufacturer. Daihatsu will accelerate initiatives toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society based on the following three pillars.

*1: A concept for auto manufacturing embodying Daihatsu’s unique value
*2: Increasing points of contact with customers and local communities in a way that is unique to Daihatsu

Realization of a carbon-neutral society

(1) Electrification of high-quality and affordable small cars

Daihatsu has set the target that all products sold in Japan will be electrified vehicles by 2030, and we will develop and launch practical electrified vehicles desired by customers based on this target. We will encourage the sustainable popularization of our products by realizing affordable and high-quality electrified vehicles not just in Japan but also overseas in emerging countries.

(2) Corporate CO2 reduction centered on plants

Together with pursuing the Simple, Slim and Compact (SSC) concept, Daihatsu will introduce the latest technologies, collaborate with local communities, and adopt other measures with the goal of achieving zero CO2 emission from plants by 2035.

(3) Coexistence with nature

Daihatsu will undertake initiatives to conserve and develop the natural environment while collaborating with people in the vicinity of areas where our business sites are located.

Aiming to become a company firmly rooted in the local community

Besides MONODUKURI, Daihatsu will also accelerate KOTODUKURI initiatives that seek to expand points of contact with local communities and customers. To realize a society where diverse people can freely enjoy brilliant individual lives, our mission is to pursue mobility services that Daihatsu can offer and support in ways that are unique to Daihatsu, which stays close to local communities.

Toward these targets, Daihatsu will continue to solidify the foundations of all activities, such as developing safe and healthy workplaces, observing compliance, and accepting diversity. At the same time, we will stay firmly rooted in local communities and provide MONODUKURI and KOTODUKURI that shine the light on the lives and desires of people living there. Through these actions, we will continue and evolve various initiatives toward the realization of a society ensuring that no one is left behind.