Related Group Companies

Major Related Companies

(As of March 31,2016)
Company Name Founded Major Product/
(unit: millions of yen)
Daihatu’s Investment Ratio
Daihatsu Motor Kyushu
Co., Ltd.
1. Development, design and production, and sale and repair of a range of vehicles including automobiles, industrial vehicles and other types of vehicles, and their parts
2. Production, sale and repair of a range of motors, machine tools and other machines instrumentations, and their parts
3. All associated tasks incidental in the businesses listed above
6,000 100.0%
Daihatsu Business Support & Engineering Center corp. 1961.3 Automotive accessories and sales support materials sales business, temporary worker dispatch business, facility maintenance, insurance agent business, research and development for automobile and machines 330 100.0%
Daihatsu Credit Co., Ltd. 1981.5 Automobile sales financing business, lease business, etc. 300 100.0%
Daihatsu Transportation Co., Ltd. 1971.12 Cargo transportation, vehicle transportation, lease of automobile, industry vehicle, other vehicles, and related parts and supplies 30 100.0%
Aoi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. 1943.1 Manufacture of stamped vehicle body parts and parts for agricultural equipment 300 91.2%
Daihatsu Metal Co., Ltd. 2005.2 Manufacture of vehicle parts, diesel engine parts for marine and land vehicles, hydraulic component, construction machine parts, industrial machinery 205 91.3%
Akashi-Kikai Industry
Co., Ltd
1946.11 Manufacture of vehicle control device, engine parts, transmission, hydraulic components 1,000 84.5%
Kanbishi Co., Ltd. 1951.3 Manufacture of die cast parts, automobile door locks, switches and other functional parts, and parts for gas devices 100 51.0%

Companies Invested in Overseas

(As of March 31,2016)
Country / Area Company Name Founded Major Product/
Capital Daihatsu’s Investment Ratio
Malaysia Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn.Bhd.*1 2001.12 Holding company that owns the automobile manufacturing company 91.8 million ringgit 41%
Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn. Bhd.*2 1993.2 Holding company that owns the automobile manufacturing/sales company 140 million ringgit 20%
Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.*1 2014.9 Manufacture and sale of automotive engine 165 million ringgit 51%
Daihatsu (Malaysia)Sdn. Bhd.*2 1980.4 Sales of automobiles and parts 20 million ringgit 18.5%
Indonesia P.T. Astra Daihatsu Motor*1 1992.1 Manufacture of automobiles, sales/export of automobiles and parts 894,370 million rupiah 61.75%
2011.3 Procurement of automotive parts and related products 200 million yen 100%
*1: Consolidated subsidiary
*2: Affiliated company accounted for by the equity method