Looking at DAIHATSU by the Numbers

Domestic business

Mini vehicle market share
(FY 2019)
* Source: Daihatsu survey based on data available from Japan Automobile Dealers Association and Japan Mini Vehicles Association

Mini vehicle market share ranking
(FY 2006-FY 2019)

Number of models for mini vehicle sales
(as of March 2020)
A rich line-up to meet the needs of diverse customers

Overseas business

Indonesia production volume share
(FY 2019)
The largest automobile manufacturer in the country, producing approximately 510,000 units per year, including OEM vehicles

Malaysia sales volume share
(January to December 2019)
Top market share for the 14th consecutive year (2006-2019) for market share of Perodua, the national car manufacturer established through the joint investment of the Malaysian government and Daihatsu

Consigned and OEM business (Toyota and Subaru)

Annual consigned/OEM production volume (FY 2019 total)
Supplying vehicles to Toyota and Subaru as a member of the Toyota Group