Consigned Production and OEM

Expanding our OEM business using development capabilities cultivated over many years

As a member of the Toyota Group, Daihatsu provides a rich line-up of cars and engines to Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation. Since commencing consigned production of Toyota vehicles in 1969, Daihatsu has expanded its business by first providing Toyota with OEM products then, in 2009, providing Subaru with OEM products as well.

Going forward, we will continue to maintain production systems and be aware of our links within the Toyota Group and, by demonstrating Daihatsu’s unique capabilities, contribute to the further growth of the Group.

Domestic production

Arrangement Brand Vehicle name
Consigned production Toyota ・Probox
OEM ・Passo
・Pixis Van/Truck
・Pixis Epoch
・Pixis Mega
・Pixis Joy
Subaru ・Dias Wagon
・Sambar Van/Truck
・Pleo Plus

Indonesia (ADM) production

Arrangement Brand Production company  Vehicle name
Joint development /
consigned production
Toyota ADM ・Townace/Bongo
  (Export to Japan)
OEM ・Avanza

Malaysia (Perodua) Production

Arrangement Brand Production company  Vehicle name
OEM Toyota Perodua ・Rush

Consigned engine production

Engine type Displacement Representative models
equipped with the engine
KR 1000cc gasoline Toyota ・Yaris
NR 1300cc/1500cc gasoline ・Sienta