A leading manufacturer of compact cars, Daihatsu pursues fuel efficiency, affordable prices and eco-friendliness

Daihatsu aims to produce attractive cars that are fuel efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly. In FY2019, the company sold 593,000 mini vehicles in Japan, and secured the number one share of the mini vehicle market for the 14th year in succession. At Daihatsu, we believe that these results are a consequence of the outstanding product appeal of our vehicles, and the continued and varied innovations of our distributors.

As far as production is concerned, in order to establish a business model that improves mini vehicle profits, we have carried out structural reforms such as the implementation of our Simple, Slim and Compact (SSC) Concept at production plants, as well as an overhaul of our procurement process. These changes have enabled us to manufacture mini vehicles that are appropriately fuel-efficient, affordable and eco-friendly. Moreover, we have worked hard to realize a safety-oriented and diverse line-up, and take care to comprehensively pursue car manufacturing from a customer viewpoint.

From a sales perspective, our decision to engage in more community-based sales activities has led to improved communications with our customers. This in turn has led to customer opinion being reflected in our vehicle development. The needs of our Japanese customers change at a rapid pace; for this reason, it is our goal to anticipate these changes and, at the same time, continue to be a leading manufacturer of compact cars that stimulates change of its own accord.

The No.1 share of the domestic mini vehicle market for 14 years in a row (FY2006–FY2019)

Daihatsu has secured the leading share of the mini vehicle market, which accounts for approximately 40 percent of the Japanese automobile market, for 14 years in succession. Our rich line-up caters to the needs of diverse customers, and our unique e:S technologies—which aim to realize fuel efficiency and affordable pricing—have made a significant contribution to our success.