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January 7, 2010

Daihatsu to Dissolve its Joint Business for Body Parts Manufacturer in Jilin City, China

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) has decided to dissolve the joint business formed with FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. (FAW Jilin Auto) to establishthe body parts manufacturing company FAW Daihatsu (Jilin) Body Parts Co., Ltd. (FDJB). Daihatsu's decision to transfer its 50-percent stake in FDJB to FAW Jilin Auto, effective from January 4, 2010, was based on the change in the framework of Daihatsu's business in Jilin City, China*.

The decision to transfer all management rights of FDJB to FAW Jilin Auto was reached after talks between Daihatsu and FAW Jilin Auto, with the aim being to have FAW Jilin Auto display the comprehensive strengths of the FAW Group and for Daihatsu to improve management efficiency by consolidating its management resources. FDJB will continue to manufacture body parts after the dissolution of the joint venture, in its new role as a subsidiary of FAW Jilin Auto.

In addition, in order to continue the technology licensing agreement, no changes will be made in the partnership between Daihatsu and FAW Jilin Auto with regard to the provision of parts and other activities.

* See the July 17, 2009 announcement for information on the change in the business framework.

Outline of FDJB
Location: Jilin City, Jilin Province
Field of business: Manufacture and sale of vehicle body assembly and body parts
Establishment: April 6, 2006
Capitalization: USD28,700,000
Equity participation: FAW Jilin Auto 50%, Daihatsu 50%
Production capacity: 30,000 sets of parts per year
Actual production output: 9,540 sets of parts (from May 2007 to July 2009)
Number of employees: 170 (as of June 2009)

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