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Daihatsu`s Current Approach to Meet the Future

What can a car manufacturer do for the environment? Daihatsu considers the future firsthand and continues to progress.

The Earth's environment is forever changing and production of environmentally friendly vehicles will have to adapt to new, challenging environment.
Daihatsu is looking at the environmental challenges of the future from every possible perspective.
In this section, we explain Daihatsu's environmental stance with a look at four representative approaches.

1. SSC plants

SSC plants

At Daihatsu, we believe eco-friendly cars are made at eco-friendly plants. Our production facilities are built with the environment in mind.
First, we build our plants with as compact an area as possible, to minimize environmental damage in the construction process. Next, we consider ways of producing cars efficiently, with as few steps as possible, to eliminate unnecessary equipment and materials.

We call this approach “Simple, Slim and Compact,” or SSC. With SSC, we can reduce the amounts of energy used and CO2 emitted when producing cars.

At our Daihatsu Kyushu's No. 2 Oita (Nakatsu) Plant, completed in 2007, we built an extremely compact facility that is a model of the SSC approach.

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2. Constantly reducing the weight and size of our products

Much smaller and lighter! Our "Resource-saving" car

Every day at Daihatsu, we are pressing forward with research and development aimed at making our compact cars smaller and lighter. We know that a compact, lighter car is a car that uses less fuel and other resources.
We have re-examined, verified and revised every single part of the car; from the layout and material of the frame components, interior parts such as the seats and atrium space to the thickness of the CVT case. Our third generation eco-friendly vehicle "Mira e:S" also achieved a weight reduction of around 60kg. While maintaining safety, the vehicle body was made ecologically lightweight around 730kg and fuel efficient. We continuously and cautiously use our labor resources to achieve our production goals of reducing Daihatsu's car size to be gentler on the environment.

60kg lighter!

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3. Eco-Idle System

Ideas that are gentle to both the environment and drivers

Often an idling driver will turn off their car engine at a red light. This conscious act eco-friendly drivers are naturally practicing is helping to reduce CO2 emissions.
Daihatsu realized the necessity of reducing unnecessary gasoline consumption and exhaust, and achieved zero noise by adopting an automatic system to make “idling stops”, which is called Eco-Idle system for compact cars. And in 2011, an advanced new Eco-Idle system detects the deceleration of speed and automatically turns off the engine slightly before the car stops, minimizing energy loss. With this new Eco-Idle system, everyday driving has become more fuel efficient.
Daihatsu understands the habits of its consumers, considers the environment, and always provides new technological advances for their mini vehicles.

Pre-stop idle reduction function applies the brakes and stops the engine when the vehicle speed is 7km/h or less and under definite conditions. -Even with the engine stopped, the audio and navigation systems are available for use. -The AC switches automatically to ventilation mode. When you stop the car, the engine is continuously stopped. The duration and amount of fuel saved by “idling stops” can be checked easily on a meter display during an “idle-stop”. When you release the brake, the engine starts again instantly. You can restart smoothly. -The car can be restarted even with the brakes strongly pressed.

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4. Big possibilities

Small engines create big possibilities.

An environmentally friendly car needs an environmentally friendly engine.
Engines that are powerful yet fuel-efficient, whisper-quiet, lightweight and compact: Therefore Daihatsu developed the KF engine to satisfy all of these tough conditions. At Daihatsu they never stop developing engines and always in search for further environmental advances.
Our dream is...
To bring eco-friendly cars to drivers around the world.
To give something back to the Earth.
That's the Daihatsu spirit.

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